Who is Weigh Less Express?

Weigh Less Express is an Australian owned, TGA listed company providing you the very best in weight loss products and support.

From the success of our sister companies here in Australia, we have developed a service specifically for our international customers.  When dealing with the team from Weigh Less Express, you will be dealing with an Australian business, who’s products are proudly made in Australia, containing only Australian Compliant ingredients that are manufactured to be compliant with all Australian Laws and testing standards.

Our team comprises of Jess, Mel, Karen and Tania, all regular people who understand the struggle to lose weight.  Changing your eating and lifestyle habits can be difficult. This program eases you into healthy eating habits, so your long-term success is realistic and your weight loss goals are within your reach. Crash dieting and over exercising may work as a short-term solution, but Weigh Less Express  focuses on healthy living and lifelong maintenance. You’ll have support from day one of your weight loss journey, all the way until you see your goal weight on the scale, and beyond.

How does the Weigh Less Express Program work?

The Weigh Less Express Program, uses a simple low calorie meal plan with the help of our Weight Management Diet Drops ARTG 256014 (hormone-free) to reduce weight. Our modern formulas are based on the principles of adipose release and fat burning.

What is involved during the Weigh Less Express Program?

There are three Main Phases to the Weigh Less Express Program.

Phase 1 (2 to 3 Days) – Loading – Stick to eating healthy foods; avoid junk foods with trans fats. Consume things like any vegetables, any meat, any dairy, any fruit, avocados, nuts and “healthy oils” include coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, macadamia oil etc. You can sneak in a bit of chocolate too!

Phase 2 (25 to 50 days) – Restricted calories (500 calories per day, there are no calories to count, you simply follow the meal plan). You stay on this phase till you reach the end of your Diet Drops or your goal weight, whichever is sooner. Remember, for those who think you may feel hungry, the formula contains a powerful, natural appetite suppression. Your body will be surviving on 2000 calories per day. (500 from the food plus 1500 from the released fat) Your body is using up this amount of calories so you do not feel hungry. Average weight loss is 7kg (25 days) to 20kg (50 days).

Phase 3 – Maintenance and the introduction to a lot more food. There is no need to be taking the Diet Drops during this phase. Phase 3 is for the same amount of time you are on Phase 2 e.g. If you are on Phase 2 for 40 days, then Phase 3 will be 40 days or a minimum of 21 days if your weight has remained stable. Phase 3 resets your metabolism at your goal weight so the weight stays off. This phase is just as important as Phase 1 and 2.

Phase 4 – After your time on phase 3, you can return to your normal 1200 – 1500 calorie a day eating plan. If you have more weight to lose, you are welcome to commence another round starting from Phase 1 again with the Weight Management Diet Drops.

NOTE:  The Weigh Less Express Program and Weight Management Diet Drops work in conjunction with each other. You cannot take the formula and have your own meal plan. The foods have been carefully selected in the Weigh Less Express Plan as they present the least amount of sugars and starch (carbohydrates).
Additional Information: Everyone’s weight loss journey is different. If you have concerns, or wish to adjust the diet menu, send us a message regarding your thoughts on this and proceed with our guidance. With any weight loss journey, some people may experience short term side effects. It is advisable to be careful, monitor the progress and seek medical advice whenever you feel something is not right.

Weight Loss Outcomes to Expect?

Generally most customers who adhere to the program will lose up to 20 kilos in 50 days. Results may be slightly slower for those who are Vegetarian / Vegan. If you decide to do the program, it is better to give it 100% as the results are brilliant!

Why are Weigh Less Express Products Superior?

  • We are based in Australia and are proudly 100% Australian Owned.
  • Proven Diet Drops Formula that is Scientifically Validated and Tested.
  • Therapeutic Strength, TGA Approved and ARTG Listed to ensure Effectiveness & Safety
  • Manufactured from Prime Quality Raw Materials in a Licensed Australian Facility with Pharmaceutical Grade GMP.
  • 100% Natural, Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten & Dairy Free and have NO Preservatives, Additives or Fillers.
  • We adhere strictly to Australian Manufacturing Standards and Codes of Practice.
  • All ingredients used are Fully Compliant and TESTED under tightly controlled Australian procedures.
  • Our Weight Management Diet Drops are Listed and Approved with the Australian Made Campaign of Australia and carry their prestigious logo.
  • ARTG Listed. ONLY those approved and listed will display their own unique ARTG Listed number.
  • We only use Glass and P.E.T packaging for our products for quality and peace of mind.
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